MySQL Database Administrator

First Achieve Ltd ,
Manchester, Greater Manchester


Job Description

MySQL Database Administrator (DBA) - £65k - Manchester Data is king - whether it's AI, customer data, buying trends, market research or even brand and advertising, we base a lot of the decisions we make off it. But, keeping that data up to date, available and reliable is one of the key focuses of any online ecommerce business worth their salt. It goes without saying then, that this business who has invested £20m into their platform, their database and the team that runs it is at the top of the list when it comes to the performance and delivery of their database. This means as a MySQL Database Administrator (DBA) you will have the maximum resources and technology is at hand to hit your deliverables. The platform has been part delivered via a beta site with full delivery of the platform to be completed before the turn of the year, you will be joining the company in time for a full release to a multibillion-pound client the following year. This is a great time to join as a MySQL Database Administrator as you will be joining just before the migration of an enterprise level client that hits millions of transactions/ sessions a year 24/7 365. It would be beneficial if you've worked with MySQL (or Percona or MariaDB) before and understand the demands of a database that is not just affected by sheer number of users but event-based spikes and the continuous availability of that through the calendar year. So, join in the delivery, upgrade, back up, recovery and migration of a huge database and platform that will allow you to secure experience in a stage of delivery that most just don't get. MySQL Database Administrator (DBA) - £65k - Manchester