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For Recruitment Agencies

Professional recruiters use our platform to scale their operations and to reduce time spent, resources required and costs. Our video interview software includes the ability to create multiple brands, allowing recruitment agencies to conduct interviews in their clients’ look and feel.


Companies large and small benefit from lower recruitment costs and a more transparent process. Using features from diversity monitoring to live interviews has helped increase the number of applicants an employer can handle - ensuring they hire the best possible talent.

Recruitment Businesses

Employertube work in partnership with a number of recruitment-related businesses to add value to their existing propositions. This has helped them win more business whilst offering clients an exceptional service.

For Universities, Colleges and Career Training

Today most large corporations use video interviews to screen candidates with both pre-recorded and live video interviews. Organisations from Amazon, Deloitte, PwC, Lloyds Bank and Facebook all use video interviewing as part of their recruitment strategy. Universities recognize the need to prepare graduates for video interviews. We are proud to work with educational establishments by implementing our software into their training and careers modules.