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Video Interview and Screening Platform


Employertube recruitment automation and video interviewing platform helps you transform your candidate journey, whilst providing essential data and analysis to help you compete for the best talent

Unique Diversity Monitoring System

Remove bias and develop new strategies based on our data driven solution.

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        A better way to recruit the best talent

        Better Candidate Experience

        Our recruitment technology platform helps improve the candidate experience, ensures a reliable and consistent hiring process and helps you hire the best candidates faster. Best of all you can manage more applicants and review each one anywhere that you have a computer.

        Pre-screening pays dividends

        With pre-recorded video interviews you have the possibility to see multiple candidates. Your team can review and evaluate them fairly based on the criteria that you set. You can decide then to call them in for a face to face our conduct a live video interview.

        Live Video Interviewing

        Conduct one on one, group or panel interviews in real time, no matter where your candidates are located and record/save video to review as needed. Archive videos and share the recordings with the team


        Employertube has been designed with a diversity monitoring system at the heart of its technology. Employers gain new data and analysis based upon set diversity characteristics helping identify bias in your recruiting processes. Candidates experience a process which includes diversity monitoring sending them the best possible message about your organisation.

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        Multi-Job Board Advertising from a single platform

        Advertise your vacancies FREE

        Advertise your job vacancy for FREE on with Employertube, we promote our job listings on hundreds of Facebook Groups and to our database of waiting job seekers

        Our paid service helps companies to advertise their job vacancy across leading premium, local and niche job boards ensuring maximum exposure and the highest quality applicants.



        • Video screening
        • Branded platform
        • Live interviews
        • Review and compare mulktiple candidates
        • Diversity Monitoring
        • Free profile business page
        • Free job listings
        • Paid for job baord promotions
        • CV database
        • Video CVs

        Speed up your recruiting by 67% with video interviews

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