Video Interview Training

Employertube works with educational organizations by providing our platform to schools, colleges universities, career advice and interview training companies.

Our video interview software is now an integral part of training modules for several career advice and Universities.

It’s a fact that businesses all over the world now use some sort of video interviewing to screen and interview new candidates.

Businesses from Bae, Bloomberg, Facebook, Amazon, Vodaphone, BT, Deloitte, PwC, Sainsbury’s to the Lloyds Banking Group all use video interviews to help hire the best talent.

How video interviewing works

Employertube is used by recruitment agencies, employers and individuals to help reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of the hiring process. The platform improves the candidate experience and saves everyone involved money and time.
Employers spend more time on the people they are interested in whilst gaining better insights into each candidate.

Pre-recorded one way video interviews

Organisations create job interviews in a matter of minutes and invite applicants to a pre-recorded interview. Candidates complete these in their own time using any device that has an Internet connection. Mobile phones, Desktop computers to IPad can all be used without any special software to download.

Live video interviews

Employertube provide a live interview capability allowing video interviews that can be recorded, shared and logged. Some employers use these to further screen candidates before an actual face-to-face interview. Live meeting can also be arranged making video feedback sessions a reality for academic staff at universities as well as mentoring and reviews.

How Universities are using our platform

Employertube is provided in the look and feel of a training establishment and can be available to an unlimited number of University staff.

1. Multiple Interview Brands
Set the video interview in any brand for a realistic look and feel adding authenticity to a mock video interview.

2. Question Library
Tutors use our systems question library and also develop their own bespoke library to test their students.

3. Email invitations
They send multiple emails video interview invitations via CSV or one by one. They can even simply share a link to the entire class.

4. Student video review
Students take part in the recorded video interview and experience an authentic video interview process. Students review and watch their videos after the interview is completed. Administrators can allow students to download the video for student’s own use.

5. Reviews and student feedback
Teaching staff review each question answered awarding points and making comments to help students develop their skills. Interviews can be shared and discussed with other teaching staff.

6. Bespoke integration
Educational organizations all have unique requirements. Employertube works closely to match these to create bespoke integrations of the platform.