Frequently Asked Questions

  • Launched in 2018 Employertube is a unique video interview and jobs platform helping both employers and candidates make use of video technology to make the hiring process easier and more effective.

    For Employers
    Employers benefit from a video interview platform that allows them to screen multiple candidates quickly and efficiently. They can conduct live video interviews and conduct the entire recruitment process using Employertube platform. Employers find using the platform means they save money, a time whilst providing candidates a better more modern experience. Employers use our platform in their own look and feel giving their candidates a seamless experience. 

    For Candidates
    Job seekers can create a free video presentation to compliment a paper CV and to help them sell their personalities and give employers and better view of who they really are. They can also access over half a million job vacancies many of which are not found on other job sites. 
  • Employertube is owned and operated by Adfuture Ltd registered office address71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

  • Yes, employers can access a free trial simply by signing up. Access a free trial code in the employers' dashboard which will allow you to fully test the video interview platform
  • Diversity monitoring is part of the employertube system is helping employers identify trends in the hiring process.
    When candidates are invited to an interview they are asked to voluntarily complete diversity monitoring questions.
    This does part of the interview process and like any type of diversity monitoring is non-mandatoiry 
    The system will generate data including hiring data per decision maker and also help identify trends such as a screening process that may be influencing the recruitment of a diverse workforce. The system help towards training and the removal of unconscious bias and provide data insights so that employers are better informed. 
    Using a recorded interview means that each candidate is asked the same question, in the same way, allowing employers to be more transparent in their recruitment processes. Organisations can also archive videos for later use and for compliance purposes
  • No employertube operates online you do not need any special downloadable software.  Candidates can simply use a mobile phone, desktop or laptop computer that have a microphone and a camera. Our system will help you with the set up as well including a informational video that will give you advice on, lighting, background noise and camera positions. We are here to help you get the most from our interview platform
  • Employertube is a video interview platform that employers use to access video interview software. Employers brand the platform in their own look and feel. The company that has set the interview and is a client of employertube they will have access to the recorded of live nterview. Employertube acts as an administrator of the system and will also have access to the interview. Interviews are not shared by employertube.

    See Privacy Policy here

    If you have any questions about this policy you can email: dataprotectionofficer @ (remove spaces when sending email) or write to the Data Protection Officer at the address above. If you do not think we are handling your Personal Data adequately, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information
  • Employertube offers a unique platform to help employers become more efficient in the hiring process. We offer Software As A Service that is helping create a convenient and economic tool for remotely interviewing people online.  The manner in which the Services are used is entirely determined by Employertube clients or account holders  Employertube is the tech administrator of the technology who does not get invloved in the day to day operations of creating, screening or reviewing candidates Employertube acts is like a landlord who merely provides space for face-to-face interviews it is a mere conduit in legal terms.
  • Interviews will normally be stored for 24 months after which time they will be deleted unless you or the interviewing company has chosen to archive the information for a longer period (at an additional cost).

  • Candidates can request that their personal data be deleted in accordance with data protection and privacy legislation. However, please note that it is the interviewers and not Employertube that will be the data controller for the purposes of the interviews, and as such any requests to delete the interviews should be directed to the relevant interviewers.

  • Employertube operates a video interview platform on behalf of third-party organisations and is is a mere conduit for the video interview software services. It is up to employers and interviewees to obtain their own legal advice on employment or labour law and matters relating to human resources generally.

  • Employertube provides their video interview platform to universities so that they can use the platform as part of the University training modules. The video platform has been integrated into several Graduate courses to prepare students for the reality of job interviews. Numerous organisations use video interviewing to help screen candidates and also to conduct live interviews. Employertube works closely with employment training departments to provide a bespoke video interview platform that helps develop students so that they have the best opportunity when it comes to the real thing. 

    The platform is used by Universities to
    1. Provide realistic mock recorded interviews in the look and feel of any organisation they choose
    2. Provide downloadable videos of the interview so students can reflect upon their performance
    3. Share interviews easily with a colleague
    4. Create and build their own library of interview questions 
    5. Rate and comment on each question answered
    6. Score students 
    7. Conduct live video interviews
    8. Conduct remote feedback sessions 

    Universities that work with the platform aim to help their students perform the best when it comes to applying for roles that feature video interviewing