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Video Interview & Jobs Platform

67% Saving on candidate travel costs.
80% Reduction in employer time screening candidates
95% Saving compared to traditional recruitment process
700,000 Job listings from all over the UK

Video Interview Platform


Recorded and Live Video Interviews

Attract the best talent by using Employertube to build your brand as a forward-thinking employer with a completely customized video interviewing experience. Benefit from dedicated employers profile pages where you can easily showcase videos, information aimed at recruiting the right people.


Screen candidates more efficiently

Gain more insight on candidates in far less time than a traditional phone interview. Candidates will answer your questions on their own time and you can review the completed video interviews at your convenience. As a result, you'll hear from more candidates, easily compare them, and never have to worry about scheduling early-round interviews again.


Conduct live video interviews

Find the right candidates faster with live video interview technology. A live video interview gives you the same advantages as an interview conducted in person except you significantly cut down on travel costs and are able to select from geographically diverse talent. You can set up interview times, invite applicants and share interviews within your organization


Provide a better more transparent experience to your candidates

Employertube help you provide a transparent service that will monitor and record your recruiters interviews. Candidates are subject to a modern more convenient experience saving them time and money, they get to know your company in a positive first impression

Diversity Monitoring System

Remove Unconscious Bias

Employertube is the first video interview platform that has been created with diversity monitoring and transparency at its very heart

It’s a fact that a more diverse workforce provide a wider pool of talent. Employertube creates a new way to recruit that includes a unique system that identifies bias while providing both candidate and employers a more modern experience and better data analysis

Say goodbye to scheduling and conducting time consuming first round phone, Skype or Face-to-Face interviews and say hello to structured automated video responses

  • Faster Process

    Reduce time spent on first round screening by up to 80% Review and make decisions ’on the go’ 50% reduction in recruitment lifecycle.
  • Smarter Selection that’s scalable

    Set role, competency and cultural fit questions Experience the candidate’s personality, see their body language Better calibre candidates shortlisted Review larger pool of potential employees in less time
  • Cost Effective no more wasted face to face interviews

    80% early-stage screening cost savings. Recruitment costs reduced by 50%. Fewer face-to-face interviews required

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