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What You Get

Profile shared with employers, job alerts , featured in candidate search, cv review. We will review your CV, job requirements and video presentation. Advise you on improvements to enhance your opportunities. Share your CV on our job network and sign you up for job alerts.

Employer Tube

How It Works

Job-hunting can be challenging and a frustrating process simply waiting for the right job is not always the best option. By becoming proactive you can access a new stream of job opportunities. This is where employer tube can help.
Tell us what you’re looking for and we will let our exclusive network of employers, job platforms and recruiters know about your exact job requirements. Sign up to our job finding service, tell us your job requirements and submit your CV. You can also create an optional video presentation (recommended).

Employer Tube

Finding You a Job

Once you register with employertube you'll be connected with a network that are paid to help find candidates for roles. Job hunters that use our service are contacted directly by employers and recruitment agencies all of which are committed to finding the right job for you. The best thing of all the service is completely free to candidates.

Employer Tube

Promoting Your Talents to Best People
Job-hunting is all about marketing who you are and how you will benefit an employer. All too often job seekers under sell themselves our team will serve to highlight your skills and expertise. Our service means that we proactively market who you are to the right audience.

Job Finding Service That Work
Employertube is responsible for putting hundreds of job hunters together with the right roles each day. Using innovative technology and video technology hiring managers and recruiters get a full accurate picture of each candidate.

The Route to the Best Resume
As part of our job finding service we offer essential advice on getting the best from your paper CV. Helping you highlight and position your talents and experience is.

A Video Presentation Helps You Stand out from the Crowd
Even if your resume, cover letter and work samples are current, they may still need a bit of polishing to catch a hiring manager's eye. Robert Half offers great resources for adding more power to your application package that take little time to implement.

Courses to Improve Your Skills
Robert Half recruiters can help you identify any crucial gaps in your skills. And they'll share free online training courses designed to add highly marketable capabilities to your resume. Armed with this training, you may be able to increase your salary expectations.

Mock Video Interviews
Amazon. BT, Deloite, PWC, Sainsburys and numerous all use video interviews to screen and to find the best talent. The trouble today is that there are no places to practice your video interview skills until now! You'll have access to guidance and tips to be successful in your video interview You'll experience the process and questions and reflect on how you did in our mock interviews.

Find a Job After Your Success
If you want to find a job quickly you don’t only have to apply to a lot of jobs; you also have to attend a lot of interviews. Once you’ve applied for the jobs, if you’re a suitable candidate many of them will contact you in a day or two. The more interviews you get, the faster you will find a job.

Employer Tube

5 Tips to Help Find a New Job

Get proactive, don’t sit there waiting, get out there networking. You can find jobs from people you know rather than traditional means such as job adverts. Get social and look at your LinkedIn connections, reach out to them and explain that you are in the market for a new role.

Help Job Finding, Consider getting potential employers to come to you by using a job finding service. Post your CV online, create a video resume and you could save yourself a lot of time and effort job hunting.

Apply Directly to Targeted Companies. You should spend a good portion of your time finding companies that fit what you want to be doing in your career, and apply directly via email or via their “Careers” page.

Check job boards. Many companies and recruiters use them to find the right candidate. Define the top job boards for your skill set and put your resume there. Choose a catchy, succinct headline that encourages the reader to open the attachment. Many show when your resume was last updated. To avoid getting shifted deeper into the pile of applicants, update it weekly.

Sign up for employertube job alerts. With over 500,000 jobs signing up to job alerts means that you will be first inline when a job that suits is advertised online. Employertube work with multiple job platforms to ensure you have access to a great selection of roles