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Create a video CV instantly with our free to use video CV wizard. Stand out from the crowd and enhance your papper CV with an additional presentaion that will tell emplyers more about you and who you really are

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EmployerTube has thousands of job vacancies from employers who use our video interview platform. We also promote jobs from tens of thousands of employers searching for new talent.

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Upload your CV and our experts will get to work on helping you get the most from your resume. Our CV database is used by thousands of employers looking for their next employee.


We're more than just a job board. We have helped job seekers just like you make the most from their CV. We aim to ensure like to make sure that you're well prepared for your job search, from start to finish.

  • + Upload your CV
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  • + Receive your CV and suggested improvements within 2 working days

We're changing the way people find thier next role. We are more than just an jobs board!



Using technology to streamline the interview process Saving both candidates and employers money and time

Fairness and Inclusion at the heart of everything we do

Partnering with Job boards to present job seekers with unrivalled selection of job roles online

Helping job seekers by offering additional tools to make them stand out from the crowd


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"Well done EmployerTube - Great idea loving the site, lots of job listings and looking forward to using it for video interviews!"

J Helliwell

"Great platform that makes it easy to hire and be hired with a direct approach to recruitment. Great idea that saves time and resources, can't believe this hasn't been done before. Will use again and recommend to friends"

A Fenwick

"Spot On Job Search Found several jobs using this site"

G Frews

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