Four Realities Of Turning Your Passion Into A Career


Four Realities Of Turning Your Passion Into A Career

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Everybody has a passion. One of the easiest ways to find a job that you love is to create one utilising your passion, though this can be easier said than done. To turn your passion into a career, make sure the following things are in place before you take the leap.

Is there really a market demand?

It’s okay to think of following your passion, but the truth is that if it doesn’t in some way overlap with a very real need in the market, it’s unlikely to be turned into an actual career prospect. The reality is that for a business to be successful, it must be market driven. However, if you are stuck in a job you hate, it can be difficult to turn up and do your best every day. If there is no actual market for your passion, then following it might not the smart thing to do.

Can your passion create value?

The only way to be successful chasing your passion is by being able to create real value for potential clients. Money always results from the creation of value. There are several ways in which you can create value from your passion - especially if you research properly and find the right audience. If your passion is painting, you can’t become a professional painter by simply keeping your works hidden away in a room. Your work needs to be showcased in exhibits and in the relevant market places, so that those who appreciate your art can place value on it. Whatever your passion, provide services in a way that can create value for people and generate income for you.

Can your passion pay the bills?

Quitting your job to pursue your passion is a worthwhile dream. However, it will only remain a dream if your passion doesn’t have the potential to create value. You need a means to survive and if your passion cannot provide this, then trying to turn it into a career is an exercise in futility. For your passion to become a successful career, you need to calculate what your estimated expenses are and figure out if it really has the potential to sustain itself. You might not be so enthusiastic about your passion if you’re worried about putting a roof over your head.

Passion is not a shortcut to riches

Following your passion is not an easy path, nor a shortcut to being wealthy either. Your passion is something that is unique about you. Despite the many stories about others who followed the same passion and enjoyed success, your own journey is going to be unique, with its own peaks and troughs. You need to learn to listen to yourself and forget about making comparisons with others, except for constructive purposes.

Your passion could turn into a fruitful career, but it is hardly ever an easy or quick way to success. Acknowledging this fact makes you more likely to succeed at turning your passion into the glorious career you dream of.