Five Top Career Changes Mistakes To Avoid


Five Top Career Changes Mistakes To Avoid

Changing careers is an important aspect of anyone’s employment history. Most people strive for an upward career move or a job that offers better benefits, opportunities and challenges. Whatever your reasons though, do your best to avoid these five career mistakes

1.Making a snap decision

Have you ever woken one morning and decided that you can’t take it anymore? Of course, this is usually the culmination of several frustrations experienced during the course of your work. However, have you thought this through properly? Before changing careers, conduct an in-depth assessment of why you really want to change jobs. Could it be that you are simply having a bad month? Most snap career change decisions end up being regretted because people typically find themselves in the same situation in a new job after a while. Everyone goes through a phase of disappointment in their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they have to quit.

2. Making a change based on financial gain

A large salary is great, but don’t leave a job you enjoy simply because of better remuneration elsewhere. The most important aspect of any career is that you are passionate about it and enjoy it. However, if the new job matches your interests and you’re certain you’ll enjoy working there as much as you do where you are currently, then go right ahead. Even so, never sacrifice passion on the altar of finance, as you’ll get frustrated very quickly. 

3. Not Knowing enough before jumping in

Don’t neglect due diligence because of the excitement of a potential career change. If you don’t have enough information about the organisation or job in question, apply the brakes for a moment. Regardless how much a company promises to pay or the benefits they offer, don’t commit to anything until you have sufficient information with regards what they do and what you’ll be expected to do.

4. Because everyone says so

How many times have you heard people say that you’d be better off working elsewhere? It’s easy to believe that if everyone else thinks so, then they must be right. Although your friends and family should be able to influence your career decision somewhat, you shouldn’t base your move solely on the say so of others. Are you really ready for a career change? Do you think you will do better elsewhere? Are you willing to face the uncertainty of a new work environment? These are questions only you can answer.

5. Creating a Vacuum

Possibly the greatest mistake you can make is leaving your job without having another one lined up. You might think it would be easy for someone with your qualifications and skills to get a new job immediately after leaving one, but don’t forget that there are possibly smarter and younger people with sky-high GPAs and IQs leaving universities and colleges, who are also looking for work. It could end up being a very long haul. Before you leave, make sure there is an opportunity waiting for you elsewhere.